I would like to know more!

Thank you for coming to our musical. We hope that you enjoyed it and feeling that you’d like your relationship with God to come back to life. Here are some ideas to help you.

1. You Can Keep the Memory Alive

If God spoke to you through this musical, and you want to retain a memory of it, we can show you how you can purchase a CD, a DVD or the book of the musical.

2. You Can Speak to Someone

You can arrange to talk with a pastor if you would like.

3. You Can Come to Church

If you don’t currently go to a church, you are very, very welcome to come to our church. Click here for more details.

4. You Can Have a Plan

We offer a “Pathway Back to God” plan that is simple, practical and helpful.

5. You Can Tell God.

If you want to tell God privately that you want your relationship with Him to come back to life, here is a prayer you could say, and see how it is answered:

Dear Jesus, I need You, and I believe, just as I heard in the musical, that “nothing is broken, that You cannot mend”, and “nothing is dead that You cannot make … come alive”.

So, I ask You to come strongly into my life now. Please make my relationship with You come alive, and become my Saviour, my Lord, and my Friend forever. Like Samuel, I too will keep saying, “Speak Lord, for Your servant is listening.”


6. You Can Investigate Further

If you have questions that you want to ask before you could consider taking steps towards a relationship with God, you can check out these FAQs about faith and/or you can fill in your details below for one of our pastors to contact you for a confidential discussion.

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